Some of the Industries We Specialize In 

Medical Practices 

Customized IT Solutions for your medical practice

Managed IT Support Help Desk

– IT Help Desk Support- 24/7 maintenance & monitoring to ensure even when you not in the office your data is being watched and protected. All Inclusive remote support at no extra cost.


-ENCRYPTED/SECURE EMAIL Encrypting email allows only the sender and recipients, who have a special decryption key, can read the contents of the message and its attachments others will unable to read the email or it’s attachment.



Cloud Backup- Part of Disaster Recovery, HIPPA Compliant, & covers Cyber Liability Insurance.


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Attorney/Legal Firms 

Customized IT Solutions for your Legal Firm

 Email management 

Attorneys have a standard set by the Bar Association of how long to keep their records whether it’s by paper trail or online. A lot of the time we see Attorneys using 3rd party email providers that will stop their email when going over a certain data threshold which we know can add up.


Office 365 plans that are

standardly higher and can be easily upgraded as more is needed. We offer a service where we take care of any email situations for you. Not receiving email, Over the limit, new employee email setup, password resets, etc.



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Accounting/CPA Firms 

Customized IT Solutions to keep workflow while being secure and compliant with IRS


(Network attached storage) Setup & Deployment- Device that serves as a server giving you the capability of storing your files for clients, sharing with your staff, creating user access to only certain files, ability to setup VPN to remote away from the office, Setting up accounting software data that is only accessible to you and your staff. Lower Power consumption, Less Maintenance, can work when internet is out in the office. Half the cost of a Standard Server.

Cloud Backup

·        Backs up Data to the cloud through secured site meeting IRS Guidelines. 

·        Deleted or corrupted files can be retrieved within 24/48 hours.

·      Part of a Disaster Recovery Plan and or a Cyber Security Insurance Plan.


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Non Profits 

Customized IT Solutions for Non Profits We know Non Profits and all the benefits that go along with it! 

Are you receiving your potential to run your non profit to the fullest to have the ability to give more! We can show you!

·     Connection to Vendors that offer incentives to non profits for reduced hardware & software purchases.

·     Google Ad Word assistance to non profits to give you free marketing dollars

·    Domain setup & assistance- Gives your business the ability to use one unified password to be able to have volunteers use computers trouble free computer login and restrictive access to not interfere with important information. Admin & upper management can be set to have increased accessibility.

·    Multiple locations can be setup as one with the proper hardware and can access same documents under a secured environment.

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